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Potential Analysis

Potential Analysis - unlock your full potential

Are you undecided as for your career aspirations? Do you only have a vague idea about where your career path can lead you? Or, do you simply want to learn more about your individual professional strengths and weaknesses?

WIFI-Potential Analysis is the ideal tool to prepare yourself for the demands of today’s job market. After an intense evaluation of your skills and inner talents you will gain a clearer view of your career chances in your individual field. If you want to gain a competitive edge over your peers and boost your career chances, don’t hesitate and contact us today: bildungsberatung@wifiwien.at   

Reach new levels of success in 3 steps:
  1. In an Initial Consultation we will evaluate your individual situation, personal plans and professional goals.
  2. In in intensive four-hour Test Phase we will examine your skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses via a custom-made analysis.
  3. Finally, we will discuss your test results in our Final Evaluation and give you recommendations on how to best pursue your future career.


Initial Consultation: 60 mins
Test Phase: 4 hours
Final Evaluation: 90 mins

Costs: 350,- Euro

Costs for consultations and testing at WIFI Wien

Exclusive offer

Our support doesn’t stop after the WIFI – Potential Analysis is done. Don’t hesitate to ask our consultants for any further guidance on how to pursue your future career.

Boost your career chances today:
T 01 476 77-5369

Contact us today

T +43 1 476 77-5369
F +43 1 476 77 9-5369
E bildungsberatung@wifiwien.at
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