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Negotiate Internationally

Are your negotiations going as well as they could? What should you be aware of when negotiating in English? This seminar is based on the win-win concept put forward by Harvard University.



Your WIFI PREMIUM advantage:

  • Extensive management experience of our trainers
  • Increase of your competencies for rapid implementation
  • Constantly updated content and best practice to ensure professional relevance
  • Proven instruments and management tools
  • Networking opportunities with executives and managers

What persuades me:
Don’t cut what you can untie

Negotiating is more than haggling over a price. People take a particular position for a reason. This means that you need to find out why they want it and then give it to them – but on your terms. Most business relationships are also longer term. So getting what you want and building a good relationship are difficult to combine. Negotiations can also become very complex very quickly, which makes following a red line essential. This seminar gives you the skills and the tools to plan, prepare and negotiate successfully.

What supports me:
Proper preparation prevents poor results

This program is based on a tripartite foundation which will enable the participant to properly prepare, successfully negotiate and effectively maintain long-term business relationships:

  1. The problem-solving ‘win-win’ concept by Harvard University
  2. The 5-phase approach to carrying out a negotiation
  3. The 6 win-win negotiation tools as well as other key personal development skills

Knowledge you gain:

  • Learn how to prepare with the HIT list in order to reach your goals.
  • Recognize the five phases of principled negotiating and how to move effectively through a negotiation.
  • Your behavior influences the relationship you have with your counterpart. Change your behavior to change your results.
  • Strengthen your position by applying leverage.

What your benefits are

  • Create better final deals and long-term working relationships.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your negotiating process.
  • Analyze the importance and effectiveness of proper relationship building.
  • Assess your own personal negotiation attitude.

Your Trainer


Charles LaFond, MBA
Charlie LaFond is an American, has taught at Webster University since 1992, worked as trainer and coach for HPS Hierhold Presentation Services from 1998 to 2012 and has taught Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management at the WU Executive Academy since 2008. He is also a certified LifeSuccess coach.


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Never Cut What You Can Untie

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