Chairing and Facilitating into Results Chairing and Facilitating into Results
Chairing and Facilitating into Results

Are you having difficulty getting everyone on board and pulling in the same direction in your projects and meetings? Learn to resolve issues and make decisions flexibly through strong interpersonal and collaborative skills. This workshop focuses on using a range of skills, methods and tools to encourage participation and ownership in a team project as they work through meetings, informal working sessions and formal workshops.

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05.11.2020 - 06.11.2020 Tageskurs
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Chairing and Facilitating into Results


Your WIFI PREMIUM advantage

  • 3 learning methods to choose from (see note)
  • Extensive management experience of our trainers
  • Increase of your competencies for rapid implementation
  • Constantly updated content and best practice to ensure professional relevance
  • Proven instruments and management tools
  • Networking opportunities with executives and managers
  • Individual follow-up possible for transfer security

Buy-in from project participants is essential

As a project manager or business analyst, professionally facilitating your projects and workshops to get all your team members on board and pulling together is your key to success. Effective facilitation means developing a range of skills, methods and tools in cross-functional environments. This is a key factor to producing high-quality thinking, finding innovative solutions and increasing collaboration within your team. Clear objectives with all participants working towards a common goal are key to successful project management.

Make your meetings more efficient and productive!

Optimize your project management meeting skills with principles, practices and tools in order to encourage participation and ownership in your team. You’ll learn to identify principles, practices and tools for effectively chairing and facilitating your project management meetings. You’ll also develop a framework for designing effective meetings in order to get that buy-in from your team participants.

Management tools you receive:

  • Facilitating and chairing basics - get participant buy-in
  • The 3 phases of effective facilitation for project management
  • Interpersonal and moderation skills - to handle dominant participants
  • Business meeting, planning, document - keep on track
  • Impartiality & summarizing – two powerful tools to help lead a meeting effectively
  • Negotiation basics - overview of principles to effective negotiation

Suggested topics for our online private mission:

  • The 3 phases of effective facilitation for project management
  • Interpersonal and moderation skills - to handle dominant participants
  • Negotiation basics - overview of principles to effective negotiation

Charles LaFond, MBA

Charles LaFond, MBA

Charlie LaFond is an experienced trainer, a professional speaker and coach with over 30 years' experience in the seminar room. He's been a professor at Webster University Vienna since 1992, at WU Executive Academy since 2008, a licensed Buzan trainer since 1991 and a certified LifeSuccess consultant since 2009. He is an accomplished public speaker and a well-known presentation and negotiation skills trainer. 'A systematic and structured approach to managing meetings is critical for reaching sustainable decisions.'

  • You’ll reach sustainable decisions that underscore ownership by all PM team participants.
  • There’ll be increased teamwork within formal and informal working sessions with all members pulling in the same direction.
  • You’ll hold more effective PM meetings that save time, expand options and generate better results.
  • Create a more positive meeting atmosphere.

Management, corporate representatives and anyone who needs to make their negotiations more effective and productive, for example: department and division heads, high potentials or project managers.

Choose from our 3 learning methods

  • Attendance seminar (including welcome coffee, lunch, soft drinks, snacks and garage fees)
  • Online live in virtual space
  • One-to-one training - our online learning on demand (for topic suggestions see above for content)

Details on the learning method: Online live in virtual space

Learn like in a seminar room - comfortably from home or from your workplace and no travel time loss! Structure and flexibility meet in this format. A fixed schedule sets the pace, your trainer will teach you and your colleagues at fixed times. Wherever you happen to be, you can participate live via the internet, work actively and participate in the virtual learning room.

The new way of learning - online learning on demand

  • You know your challenges and are an expert in your field. You know what you can do and what you still want to achieve. And you rely on new learning. The WIFI Management Forum offers you an “online private bonus” for this seminar. You focus on exactly the topics you want to work on and discuss your personal questions with our experts. Your benefit: You develop essential key competencies and proven management techniques, check them in practice and reflect on your experience. Step by step you get closer to your goal.
  • Information on booking: Fee: € 170 / teaching unit, whereby 2 teaching units of 50 minutes each are generally recommended. (Optional additional teaching units can be booked) Location: Virtual seminar room, registration at
  • other topics

Technical requirements to participate in the Distance Learning course offer

We recommend the following technical requirements for optimal participation in the Distance Learning courses:
  • stable internet access (via WLAN or better still via LAN);
  • a computer / laptop connected to a power supply;
  • If you use a laptop, a second screen is recommended;
  • headphones or a headset including a microphone;
  • a webcam (external or integrated);
  • Pen and paper within easy reach.

Securing the profitability

  • Individual follow-up: Training has only paid off once the newly acquired knowledge has been translated into daily practice - and has a positive effect on the result. The individual follow-up serves to secure the transfer and to support or deepen the personal catalogue of measures or to plan further training measures.
  • Booking info: Recommended 6 to max. 12 weeks after the seminar in the WIFI Management Forum. Contribution: € 150 / hour, with 2 hours generally recommended. Registration to

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